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Urasoe Ori

Brief Summary and History

Urasoe-ori is a registered regional brand that features the use of handspun silk thread made from cocoons of silkworms cultivated in Urasoe City. All production processes from thread spinning, dyeing and weaving are carried out collectively. The delicately handspun silk is light and airy, making finished fabric warm on the skin in winter and cool in hot summer months. Silk thread is predominantly made into a variety of garments and textile goods using techniques in plain weaving.

Conceptualized as a new regional speciality for the municipality of Urasoe, Urasoe-ori began in October 2006 as a city project to train and nurture budding artisans in the art of textile weaving. While focusing on the allure of traditional “te-shigoto” (handcrafting), Urasoe-ori has been widely used in kariyushi wear, a popular form of casual business attire in Okinawa. The regional brand has also made forays into designing and producing daily fashion wear items that feature the use of traditional weaved textiles.

Basic data

MaterialSilk thread
Place of manufactureUrasoe City
Main ProductsKariyushi wear, neckties, ornamental cloth etc.
Partnership name and date of establishmentCooperative Association for Urasoe-ori, May 22nd, 2017
Source*Source: Official website for the Cooperative Association for Urasoe-ori (https://urasoeori.or.jp)